Ashland International Market

Advantages are abundant when using Ashland's public auction to market items or commodities. For example, you can accomplish your buying or selling from the comfort of your home or office. All bids and listings are in a written form and don't have a chance for verbal errors which could occur between buyer and seller. As a buyer, you have the option to enter conditions pertaining to your bid. This could prove to be a very important option for a buyer, because it gives them more flexibility within the bid. All listings have a posted closure date. If your bid is accepted, you have a 24 hour period to inspect the commodity or item for approval.

Illustration sales ring

The illustration sales ring is provided for buyers and sellers to experience the on-line auction service. This ring can be used by buyers to bid on lots and get familiar with the on-line bidding process. Sellers can look at these lots and see how their lot will be presented to a potential buyer.


Sellers can list their commodities while on-line. When listing you have many option to choose from giving you full control of your listing. One feature outstanding is that you have the choice of who transfers the funds generated by a sale. This could be yourself, Ashland's, your local lawyer, a broker or someone else that you feel secure with.

Disease Control Advantage When Moving Livestock

How much dose it really cost when moving livestock through the tradition marketing methods? When selling or buying livestock through Ashland’s the exposure to diseases are considerably less. Livestock are held in their original environment until its convenient to move them to their next destination. Although the livestock are still under stress its nothing compared to the tradition marketing methods. Just how much as a buyer or seller can you really save in death loss and medical cost when using Ashland’s to market your livestock?

Costs Advantage

Costs to any operation in this day and age are very important. There is no access fees when browsing Ashland's sales rings. This makes it very affordable for all buyers and sellers. Charges only apply when you list commodities as a seller in one of Ashland's sales rings. For example, a sale which has generated a 100,000 dollars, could cost you as little as 15.00 dollars depending on the options you request when listing.

Accessibility Advantage

Accessibility to Ashland's is made through a personal computer which has Internet access. If you should have any problems, and need verbal contact dial Ashland's toll free number 1-888-783-8988. Office hours are Monday - Friday 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. (MST/MDT).

Sales Rings Advantage

Ashland's also provides personnel sales rings for individual that require them. This gives you as an individual or business the option of having an on-line auction of your own.